The Ability Awards

The Ability Awards: Best Practice in the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Ability Awards is organised by Kanchi, and organisation with an exemplary tag line: "The greatest disability is attitude. To change the way society behaves we have to change the way it thinks". Kanchi is an award winning social enterprise which exists to enhance the relationship between disability and society.



Babypotz: One product, one great product.

Babypotz is simple, and that is the key of its ongoing success. Since the site went live, their sales have sky-rocketed, and now the product is on Pharmacies nationwide too. Nurtured in an RTE pilot for an Irish version of 'The Apprentice', it has been a project that I particularly enjoyed, as it gave me the chance to approach the branding globally, going also into package design, and shelf signage, apart from the web site and business card design.



Dublín en Español: Tours of Dublin, in Spanish.

Now, what a fantastic idea: to offer a tour of Dublin, and nearby places of interest, but in the native language of the visitor - Spanish in this case. Dublín en Español is proving to be a very popular service for those whose command of the English language is not great, and for those who just want to enjoy their holidays without the hassle of booking Japanese-style 3-seconds-stop tours. Furthermore, this is a great service for those wishing to learn or practice Spanish in Dublin while having fun!



The Rose Project: Positive and engaging stories.

Designed for Brightspark Consulting, The Rose Project's new web site was conceived not only to replace and old and corporative one, but more importantly to give a wider and easier access to real stories on how their life changing work. Since 2003 they have been caring for people living with or affected by HIV or AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. There is a strong focus on the results obtained, and a clear message throughout: it doesn't cost much to prevent AIDS, and those affected deserve healthier lives. It is a media rich web site, with plenty of content, and offers easy ways to give. Make a difference!


Chantal Ltd Fine Jewellery

Chantal Ltd Fine Jewellery: The perfect stone.

Showcasing some of the most amazing jewellery pieces I have ever seen, or photographed, Chantal's new website offers an straight forward look into their art craft and expertise, letting the pieces do the talk.


Agora Marketing Management

AGORA: Rocking Dubai's Marketing.

Agora Marketing Management has amongst their clients The Dubai Racing Club, The Dubai World Cup, and Mai Icelandic Water. They are a well-established marketing company based in Dubai. But they do not just produce excellent work consistently, they also want to share their knowledge and experience in the industry through two sections called Learn and Communicate.


Bohoe Photography

Bohoe Photography: Alter ego.

Bohoe Photography, a site showcased in The Best Designs, Screenfluent, and CSS Mania, amongst others, is my Photographic Portfolio. Showcasing a few samples of commercial and personal work, it uses common scripts in a different way, to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. I designed a number of business cards and postcards to go with the launch of the site. The stand-alone blog 'Singularity' was conceived in 2001 as a place for all things relating Visual Culture, and finally joined the site in this new version in 2008.


Seagrass Restaurant Dublin

Seagrass Restaurant: A different approach to eating well.

When your food becomes something sutile and delicate, you know its been made with love. And if it doesn't cost the earth, then what is there to stop you from enjoying it? Seagrass Restaurant offers an honest and simple image, based on their love for the best produce available and their passion for the tastier plates. Together we produced the first ever Podcast by an Irish chef, and although irregular in its distribution, it brings Sean Drugan right into your kitchen to give you some great tips, to share the passion.


The Wellington Eye Clinic

The Wellington Eye Clinic: Focused on perfection.

Redesigning the main brochure for The Wellington Eye Clinic, I followed Edward R. Tufte's ideas on Information Design, as at the time I was reading his book Envisioning Information. The task was to simplify, reduce noise, use good visual explanations, keep the branding as a backdrop and let the content speak. The brochure had to convey their professionalism and their friendly approach, quite unique. A great exercise in simplification was also the 'Directions' brochure, that now can be read in the illustrations as much as in the text.


Christian Jungersen

Christian Jungersen: The Perfect Crime.

Perfection, of all places, must come from the North. Working with Danish Author Christian Jungersen was how I discovered it. I designed 3 sites for Christian, 2 in full Flash, with an HTML backup for the just-in-case, plus a simple HTML one. It is great when a client trusts you, cause in shaping the result there is more room for playing and experimenting. I recommend you to play with the shelved books, and also to read his magnificent novel.


Merrion Fleet Management

Merrion Fleet Management: Passionate about motoring.

Designed for Brightspark Consulting, the site features a very simple navigation, while making all information easily available. There is great blog packed with enough tips to make you a wiser driver. I particularly like the homepage design, where everything is one click away.


There is loads more, just have to find some time to add it here!